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SolvX provides professionals to guide your organization in implementing business intelligence solutions.

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The Business Intelligence implementation

Each step of the BI implementation process requires specific skills which we provide.

Our toolset

Our professionals strive to always come up with the best-fit solution for you. That's why we have an extensive arsenal of cutting-edge solutions, knowledge and experience.

  • 10+ programming languages, 50+ frameworks

    Our experience spans over 10 programming languages and 50 frameworks. So we are not limited to specific circumstances and can work with the technology your organization uses. We master all common languages from C#, SQL and javascript to newer languages such as Rust.

  • Business intelligence

    PowerBI, Tableau Or a custom solution? You say it we implement it. Business intelligence makes data and analysis accessible to both your entire organization and your customers. We work with all market leaders and are therefore independent in order to adapt to your needs.

  • Statistical methods and techniques

    With a strong scientific foundation, problems can be approached and solved structurally. Statistical methods and techniques play a major role and can lead to surprising insights.

  • Deep learning / machine learning

    With the right data, it is possible to build predictive models based on DL and ML. We are always up to date with the latest advances in science so you always have the best techniques available.

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NS algoritme

NS has extensive and tight schedules for train maintenance on a daily basis. However, when delays occur, a schedule can no longer be followed. It should be fixed with a rescheduling algorithm. This problem falls under a classification problems called np-hard. These problems can only be solved by approximation and therefore require a complex approach. As a solution, a new framework was proposed and applied with a total of 4 solution methods.

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Trust international

Within the retail market, there are a large number of distributors and retailers who all transmit their sales and inventory in a different format. Getting useful information out of this requires both automation and standardization. After implementing an ETL pipeline, powerbi was implemented so that all sales teams in different countries can always access the relevant data. In the process, a revenue management formula that automates pricing was created.

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The Greenery

A dashboard for the logistics operation was needed. This required coordinating with various stakeholders to come up with a solution within the existing structure. The entire process went from stakeholder analysis, functional and technical requirements to unit tests and hypercare in the form of courses. An evaluation afterwards showed a high level of satisfaction.

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Icebear was a freshly funded project converting a biomass power plant into a circular economy for producing pallet blocks. In cooperation with several parties an ERP implementation and integration with the several production lines and robots is needed. In which also advice was given on implementation of PowerBI and Azure.

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Het PowerBI implementatie proces

About implementing business intelligence solutions, there seems to be a consensus in the market. This article elaborates on the general implementation process that market leaders adhere to with implementing apps and software including business intelligence. This will give you a good view of the process. In the following articles, I then discuss what the pitfalls are and whether there are any better alternatives.

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Predictive modeling and its application

No one can capture and analyze future data. However, there are ways to predict future data based on the past. For example, predictive models can be used to provide customer lifetime value (CLTV), recommend products, predict quarterly earnings and deploy advertising effectively. Good chance your organization is already using some of this, but how do you take it to the next level? And what else can you use it for?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) - What is it and how can you integrate it within your business or platform?

It is estimated that the market for artificial intelligence globally will grow to $13 trillion over the next decade. This is not so surprising when one considers that we are already completely surrounded by AI. Almost all daily actions from listening to music and watching movies to social media and search engines are facilitated by AI. Yet for many, it still appears to be a question of what exactly it is and how to make use of it. This is a shame, as applying AI is more accessible than most think.

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